Internship Spotlight on Susan Te



Susan Te

Susan Te, B.S. Accounting/MAcc ’15

School, homework, tennis practice, matches… OH MY! If being a student-athlete and trying to balance the time between coursework and training wasn’t enough, Eberhardt Master of Accounting student Susan Te also found time to balance the searching and acquiring of a summer internship at Deloitte.

Susan was able to use her abilities and strengths of time management and balancing workloads in her internship as she came in at a busy time for the company. With the focus on hitting year-end goals, Susan knew she had to learn quickly and efficiently to provide a high quality product for her supervisor. Her history with teamwork as well as her intrinsic motivation to succeed allowed her to become highly involved with all members of her auditing team, which as she put it, validated her reason for choosing Deloitte for an internship.

If you ask Susan what her summer internship experience was like, she would quickly relate it back to her college athletic experience. It is about putting in the work in preseason and when the match comes along, being both mentally and physically prepared to succeed. For Susan, each class, assignment, and career preparation was her preseason. She put 100% into everything and knew that this was her time to prepare for success in the workforce. When it came to the internship, it was her season. She knew every day and every minute of her internship mattered. She needed to show how much her hard work in preseason paid off and turned into success.

Susan said she couldn’t have asked for a better overall experience at Deloitte. The team that surrounded her and the people that supported her through her professional growth validated her decision that this was the RIGHT internship and place for her. Everything she learned through the internship she will take with her to her last year at the University of the Pacific. She will use the motivation to keep pushing and keep up the hard work and will return to Deloitte in September 2015 as a Staff Auditor.

To learn more about Deloitte and career opportunities:

Connect with Susan on LinkedIn

Alumni Career Spotlight – Phu Nguyen


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Phu Nguyen

Phu Nguyen, B.S., Business Administration ’06
Partner, New York Life

“Everything comes to he who hustles while he waits.”
–This quote from Benjamin Franklin is a daily reminder for Phu Nguyen that achieving goals takes work. Phu has learned that by focusing on the goals of the company, and enabling his team’s success, he succeeds as well.

How did you land your first job upon graduation from Pacific?
Graduating college without a job in the current economy was a scary proposition. I knew my last year of college would be a critical time for my job search. I applied to dozens of jobs and went through 30-40 interviews trying to find the right place for me. I had lined up a couple of offers in pharmaceutical sales industry and was headed in that direction. Finding New York Life was a fluke, but I knew after doing my research and going through the interview process that it was the job for me.

What made you so sure you’d found the right career path?
My grandfather told me “You can do whatever you want as long as at the end of the day you can answer the question “did you help people?”.”

I always knew I wanted to help people. When I arrived at Pacific as a Biology major, I intended to go to med school. I wanted to be a doctor. When I realized that path was not for me, I focused on career paths where I could positively impact others. Being able to help people who struggled with finances validated my decision to choose New York Life.

What challenges did you encounter when you first entered the professional world?
I did not expect it to be so hard to convince prospective clients who were often twice or three times my age to trust me with their financial decisions. I had to work through the objections and figure out how to get others to take me seriously.

How did your business degree prepare you for your first professional job?
My college education taught me how to start and finish something. This mentality has been essential throughout my career. A grasp for the language of business and professional etiquette has honed my communication and networking abilities which I use daily to grow the business. Critical thinking has been very pivotal in my career. And managing pressure and working with people with a diverse array of personalities, skill, and backgrounds, were skills I developed initially through my education.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your professional work today?
Being a Partner is very rewarding because I get to develop raw talent into successful entrepreneurs and working professionals. I get to work and collaborate with a team that loves what they do and are willing to put 100% into their work. I am so committed to supporting my team’s growth and success that I can’t see myself anywhere else.

What professor was most impactful for you as a student at Pacific?
Professor Naumann’s Management Organizational Behavior (MOB) is the class that I still refer back to and review my notes. Being in a managerial position means having to work with people every day. The knowledge that I gained from this class and the professor still sticks with me to this day.

Though I didn’t take any classes with Dr. Post, he is one of my neighbors. I constantly pick his brain about his teaching techniques and styles.

How do you use social media and professional networking tools in your job?We use Facebook to highlight the success of the team. I believe in promoting them and showing how much they have impacted the company positively. Social media is useful for initial introductions, but the face to face interaction is essential to creating a connection.

What advice do you have for students entering the professional world today?
Be coachable, have a great work ethic, and find a balance between being money motivated and intrinsically motivated.

Explore your options. Research companies, pursue lots of interviews, be well prepared and ask questions. You want to be able to answer the question: why is this company right FOR ME.

What do you look for at first glance of a resume when you are hiring?
I look past GPA and focus more attention on previous employment. I want to see stability, longevity, and loyalty. Does this individual bounce around to many different positions, or have they been consistent in their employment? I also look for extracurricular activities. I want to see that they are able to balance academics while still being involved in other activities.

linkedin_32Connect with Phu on LinkedIn

To learn more about New York Life and Career Opportunities:

ESB Summer Instagram Winners!


Announcing our ESB Summer Instagram Challenge winners! So many great photos submitted, we couldn’t choose just two, so there are two winners in EACH category! (Drumroll, please…) #work winners are: @laurennbarrera Lauren Barrera and @COCO_shannel Shannel Hawkins, #play winners are: @carmii3 Carmen Ortiz and @itslex24 Alexys D’Tiole. CONGRATULATIONS! Please stop by W206D to pick up your prizes!

Submitted by @carmii_3: Be brave. Take risk. Nothing can substitute experience. #ziplining #esbsummer2014 #behappy #lifestooshort

Submitted by @carmii_3: Be brave. Take risk. Nothing can substitute experience. #ziplining #esbsummer2014 #behappy #lifestooshort


Submitted by @itslex24: #attpark #stryker #esbsummer2014 #giants #baseball

Submitted by @coco_shannel: Snagged a picture with CEO and Chairman of MGM Resorts International, Jim Murren and helped out the philanthropy team with their bowling tourney! Great day working for @mgmcollegeprograms #esbsummer2014 #work

Submitted by @coco_shannel: Snagged a picture with CEO and Chairman of MGM Resorts International, Jim Murren and helped out the philanthropy team with their bowling tourney! Great day working for @mgmcollegeprograms #esbsummer2014 #work


Submitted by @laurennbarrera: What a fantastic summer I have had with Music@Menlo!! I am grateful for this experience, and the beautiful people that have come into my life! #ESBSummer2014 #WordHardPlayHarder

Submitted by @laurennbarrera: What a fantastic summer I have had with Music@Menlo!! I am grateful for this experience, and the beautiful people that have come into my life! #ESBSummer2014 #WordHardPlayHarder

#ESBSummer2014 Instagram/Facebook Photo Contest


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ESBSummer2014logoThe Eberhardt School of Business is excited to announce its #ESBSummer2014 Instagram/Facebook internship photo contest. From June 16 through August 22, we will be collecting photos posted on Instagram and Facebook by currently enrolled Eberhardt School of Business students engaging in a summer internship and tagged #ESBSummer2014. At the end of August we will announce two winners – one in the “work” and one in the “play” category — and each winner will receive an Eberhardt School of Business prize pack, including a t-shirt, tumbler, and notebook!

Please share with us this summer, and be sure to follow #ESBSummer2014 on Instagram and Facebook to see how your fellow students are keeping busy this summer!

Submission Guidelines
The contest officially begins on Monday, June 16. When posting a photo, please consider the following two categories:

  1. #work – any photo directly related to your summer internship
  2. #play – any photo related to something you did for fun, outside of work, during your summer internship experience

All current Eberhardt School students on a summer internship can submit a photo to each category.

  • In the photo description, please describe: who/what, when, where
  • Please add the following hashtags: #ESBSummer2014 and either #work or #play.

You may submit more than one photo, but only one entry per category will be eligible for the final round of judging. If you don’t tag your photo with either #work or #play, we will assume a category based on the content of the photo.

If you share your Instagram photos on Twitter, please mention @EberhardtSchool in the tweet.

Internship Spotlight on Sydnee Vieira


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by Rebecca Teichmann

mgm logo

Sydnee Vieira

Sydnee Vieira

If you ask the typical Pacific student how important a summer internship can be for their long term career goals, they will likely say “extremely important”.  If you ask Sydnee Vieira, however, she will tell you that summer internships are more than a series of bullet points on your resume, they can also be very fun!

This past summer Sydnee interned with the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, a division of MGM Resorts International. And, what happened in Vegas did not “stay in Vegas”: she told me all about her experience in the MGM Hospitality Internship Program.

Participants in the program, affectionately called “HIPsters,” go through a variety of employee training programs, including leadership and diversity training. HIPsters are given the opportunity to visit a different MGM property each week to see the competitive advantage each property has to offer.

MGM Hospitality Internship Program - HIPsters

MGM Hospitality Internship Program – HIPsters

Throughout the summer long internship, Sydnee was able to shadow managerial trainings in customer service and logistics, as well as help write employee policies and procedures. Sounds glamorous, right? Even if standard operating procedures aren’t your ideal cup of tea, imagine living at the Circus Circus Hotel for the summer while working with an international resort conglomerate. Given the alternatives, that’s pretty glamorous!

las vegasSydnee initially found the internship listing on Tiger Jobs. The application process was a bit lengthy, but well worth the multistep process. She is currently a Campus Recruiter encouraging fellow Pacific students to apply for the HIP program. Following graduation, Sydnee hopes to continue working with MGM Resorts International in their Management Associate Program, a 1 year accelerated development program that offers the potential to secure a future supervisory role with the company.


Internship Spotlight on Rheana de la Cruz

by Rebecca Teichmann

Reheana de la Cruz

Reheana de la Cruz

Remember those mock interviews you had to do as a Junior or Senior for BUSI 110?  You had to come to campus, dressed in a suit, and meet with a business professional who asked you questions and rated your responses?  Whether or not you loved your mock interview experience, Rheana’s story will make you re-think the value of the mock interview experience.

Rheana came to her mock interview prepared to discuss her goals as a business major with a marketing concentration.  She met with a representative from Frito Lay, and followed up afterward.  To her surprise, Frito Lay was hiring 7 interns in the entire state of California, and they invited Rheana to apply.  After applying and interviewing, Rheana was accepted as a sales intern in Frito Lay’s Future Leader program for the 2013 summer.

Rheana capitalized on her mock interview experience to secure her internship.

fritolayFor the first two weeks, Rheana job shadowed “pretty much everyone in the facility,” including regional sales reps who also make deliveries to gain a comprehensive understanding of the processes and procedures that go into Frito Lay products.  Product placement can mean the difference between mediocre sales and an increase in sales volume, and eventually Rheana became responsible for giving seasoned Frito Lay representatives recommendations to improve their sales.  She very much enjoyed how appreciative company reps were to have her advice, considering many of them had been with the company 30+ years, and she was still a college student.

The internship involved travel within California, as well as to Dallas, which was exciting. But one of the most exciting activities was a white water rafting trip with the other six California interns.  The experience was an opportunity to bond, and as a result, the cohort of interns remains extremely close.  It’s amazing what a few death-defying hours, up close and personal in a raft can do for a group of strangers!

Spoiler Alert: Frito Lay extended Rheana a job offer to join the company full-time after graduation, and she said YES!

Internship Spotlight on Alexis James



by Rebecca Teichmann

LinkedIn LogoFresh out of her first year at Pacific, Eberhardt accounting student Alexis James decided it was high time to find an internship.  She had heard about the benefits of interning as a college student, but as she pursued opportunities she found that the majority of companies with internship postings online were looking for Juniors and Seniors, so she decided to use her network.

In true LinkedIn style, Alexis tapped one of her closest business connections: her father.  She asked him to reach out to his colleagues in the technology industry, and the result was a 3-week internship with LinkedIn.

I can’t emphasize enough; it’s all about who you know.

The 3-week internship turned into a 5-week internship, which turned into a summer-long internship.  After the first summer internship as a Sales Research Intern, Alexis stayed in touch with her supervisor during the school year, and in the spring was notified that LinkedIn wanted her to return as a Data Quality Intern for the upcoming summer. The second internship was such a success that she was invited to return the next summer following her junior year for a third summer as a Data Quality Intern Team Lead to be responsible for managing 12 interns.

When asked what her best memory was about the experience, Alexis couldn’t pick just one.  In summary, she really enjoyed the corporate culture at LinkedIn.

One day, the office decided to have a “Pimp Your Pod” competition.  The company formed teams and spent $15-$25 per person decorating their cubicles and the space around their desks.  Some of the most interesting pods included a playground, a miniature golf course, and a carnival theme.  Alexis was part of the team that constructed the usable mini golf course with the carnival theme, and they won the whole competition!   Check out this link to a slideshow featuring some of the most creative spaces:

LinkedIn office

LinkedIn Office

Another day, the office broke into teams for a bocce ball tournament.  Alexis was on a team with the head of Sales Systems, who promptly told her if they didn’t win the tournament she wouldn’t need to return to the office the following day.  They team lost in the first round, and thankfully her cubicle was still waiting for her return the following day.  Every day was a new opportunity to get LinkedIn!

LinkedIn office

Spending every summer interning with a high profile, fast moving tech company has given Alexis plenty to talk about in her accounting interviews this fall.  We are proud to share that she’ll be spending her summer in 2014 as a public accounting intern with Deloitte!


Internship Spotlight on Erick Tran



by Rebecca Teichmann

Erick Tran, Eberhardt Senior (5th year) and MAcc candidate ‘2014, is well known around the business school for his friendly smile and active involvement in campus organizations, including but not exclusive to: Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, and the Student Investment Fund. Eric also happens to have been a Summer Audit Intern with the esteemed accounting firm Deloitte this past summer.

"A smile always helps!" - Erick Tran

“A smile always helps!” – Erick Tran

Prior to securing his internship with Deloitte, Erick interned with Cottage Bakery in Lodi. At Cottage Bakery Erick’s activities focused on operations and production management. While it was interesting to learn about the supply and demand of a consumer products company, Erick had a serious desire to gain experience in the public accounting industry, and he was keenly focused on pursuing Deloitte.

Erick had the opportunity to meet with representatives from Deloitte in the fall of his fourth year during their campus visit, as well as get to know the company through the company’s website. According to Erick, he practically “memorized the Deloitte website”. The dedication to his mission paid off with an internship opportunity: Summer Audit Intern for Deloitte’s San Jose office.

Many interns work with a variety of clients, but Erick spent most of his internship at Aerohive, a technology client, assessing documents and ensuring that auditing procedures were in compliance. For the duration of the internship, Erick spent several hours each day working side by side with staff accountants who emphasized growth opportunities.

The firm’s emphasis on team building and community involvement was evident throughout Erick’s internship, as he could clearly see Deloitte hires individuals who want more involvement with the company than an average “9-5” job. Given his penchant for involvement, Deloitte will be a great fit for Erick. He’s accepted an offer to join the firm full-time following his graduation in the Spring of 2014.


Internship Spotlight on Myla Manzo


Myla Manzo

Myla Manzo

by Rebecca Teichmann

Company: Visionary Home Builders, in partnership with the California Coalition of Rural Housing

While many Pacific students seek summer internships, Myla Manzo spent her entire senior year interning with Visionary Home Builders of California.  Initially, Myla was concerned because the internship did not directly relate to her business major, but she was inspired to apply by the mission of the organization: “to create and advocate for healthy, vibrant, safe communities through the development of affordable housing and educational opportunities to families, seniors, and individuals of low and moderate income.”

In speaking with Myla, it is very apparent that she is passionate about organizations like Visionary Home Builders and its partner organization the California Coalition of Rural Housing, because these organizations provide not only low-income housing for minority groups, but also provide essential services like daycare and educational workshops.  Workshop topics include relevant issues like home loan modification programs and managing personal finance.  Some of the housing complexes even have computer rooms, where residents can use community computers to revise documents like resumes and access the internet to communicate with family or apply for work online.

When asked how she prepared for her internship, Myla credits her involvement with the on-campus business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi for helping to polish her professional skills.  When a fraternity brother has a question, or is preparing for an upcoming interview, the group works together to brainstorm responses to challenging questions.  Participating in Delta Sigma Pi activities has improved her email etiquette, including simple things such as remembering to include a subject line and a personal email signature with current contact information.  Delta Sigma Pi helped to set Myla up for a successful interview with Visionary Homebuilders, but it was Myla who stepped up to the challenge to make a great first impression and secure the year-long internship.

With graduation on May 4th and the internship ending May 31st, Myla is currently applying for full-time positions.  She continues to be interested in rural housing, as well as working with non-profit organizations serving minority communities, but she is open to expanding her experience into the for-profit sector.  Regardless of where Myla ends up working, her year-long internship has surely provided a significant amount of work experience that has prepared her to be a valuable part of the lucky organization that hires her.

Internship Spotlight on Alexys D’Tiole


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Alexys D’Tiole

Alexys D’Tiole

by Rebecca Teichmann

Company: J.B. Hunt

While Professor Will Price may have dreamed of a career in supply chain management from a young age, the road to logistics was not quite so straight for Pacific Senior Alexys D’Tiole. You could even describe the route as complex. By train, truck, and tanker ship, an internship with J.B. Hunt Intermodal has brought Alexys to her final destination: a full-time job after graduation with one of the largest global logistics companies.

Alexys, who works with Dr. Price as an undergraduate assistant and holds a full-time job off campus at Starbucks, came to Pacific with aspirations to go to law school. In fact, she secured an internship with the District Attorney’s Office through the Political Science department on campus, but in retrospect that internship proved to be less interesting than it seemed. According to Alexys, the internship at the DA’s office involved a lot of “paper pushing.” At J.B. Hunt she has greater responsibility and feels more empowered to create models and system improvement mock-ups in Excel, which could eventually prove to save the company a significant amount of money in transit costs.

If that sounds like a lot of responsibility, that’s because it is. Alexys admits that when she originally applied for the internship, which was described as an “engineering logistics internship,” she was concerned she didn’t have the operations background required to do the job. To compound this initial concern, her direct manager left the company soon after she started her internship.  She was pleased to find that coworkers and staff came together to provide support and guidance; so began a new career path, and a newfound passion for the glamorous life of supply chain management.

When asked to reflect on both of her internships, Alexys expressed the feeling that “this is your time,” your time as a student to intern with different companies and figure out if that line of work is right for you. She encourages her fellow students to be sure to maintain good relationships with the organizations you intern with because you never know if your route will take another turn. Interning with different companies gives you the opportunity to “test-drive” a career before you commit to years of education and work.


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