Alumni Profiles – Five Star Bank



Heather Pugh – Class of 2013
B.A., International Affairs & Commerce

Why Five Star Bank?
When I was applying for my first job after graduation, I did not know exactly what I wanted to do. Five Star Bank’s rotational training program intrigued me in that it allowed me to explore many different facets of the bank in order to discover which department would fit me best.

In less than four years, I have had the opportunity to move around various departments and have enjoyed tremendous growth at Five Star Bank. After completing the operations portion of the training program, I worked as a credit analyst in our loan department, providing support to my fellow staff members. I began developing my skills and knowledge in underwriting by helping my colleagues work on their portfolios before I was promoted to Loan Officer where I began growing my own portfolio of business loans. Each step of the way I gained more responsibilities and knowledge; I now have an opportunity to train other Management Trainees as they make their way through the program as well.

I currently work as a Credit Administrator, a project-based role. I enjoy my position because each day is different from the last and I must constantly prioritize new tasks as they arise. I thrive in the fast pace environment of the company because it keeps me energized and focused.

I enjoy working in a community business bank because our customers are local; everywhere I go I see their names and I am reminded of our impact in the community.  Being able to see the tangible evolution of projects that have been made possible because of the Bank’s support has been extremely rewarding. This is especially true when I have had a direct role in a project.  I have been able to head up a couple of big deals where I have enjoyed being a leader and having ownership for the risk involved when millions of dollars have been on the line.

Advice for new graduates
In college I always was told to “find your passion”, but not everyone knows what their passion is. I would encourage students to find the environment that makes them feel most successful. Ask the right questions to find the culture and company that you will thrive in.


Alison Telles, Class of 2016
B.S., Applied Math, Business Minor

Why Five Star Bank?
I discovered Five Star Bank’s management training program through Tiger Jobs. The rotational structure is allowing me to explore and learn different functions before making a firm commitment to a certain department of the bank.

I really enjoy that Five Star Bank is a community bank supporting the needs of local small businesses. I am able to develop strong relationships with customers and understand how their business operates. This allows me to better service client needs and see directly my impact on the client.

Working at Five Star Bank has reinforced the value of relationships. I am able contribute to clients’ success by getting to know the key stakeholders, their business and their goals.

Advice for new graduates
New college graduates should be very intentional in their choice of a first job and company. Plan to make a minimum two-year commitment. Don’t waste your own and the company’s time by not being sure it’s a good fit. Choose a career and company that you will be excited about every day.

Learn more about Five Star Bank’s Management Trainee Program.


5th Annual Hunger Banquet



hunger-banquet-top2Hi All,

As you may know, I am the advisor to the Council for Social Entrepreneurs. This club studies and attempts to assist in tackling social issues in the local and global community.  For the fifth year, the Council is sponsoring the “Hunger Banquet” and we are hopeful that you will join us on Thursday, November 17 at 5 pm for “dinner” at the Vereschagin Alumni House. The tickets are $5 and 100% of proceeds raised will go to Second Harvest Food Bank of San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties to help fight hunger in the area.

For every dollar raised, Second Harvest is able to provide $5 worth of food.


Banquet speakers include student group Soul Speaks, Boggs Track Community Garden Director Jamil Burns and the Walter Robb Garden Director Patti Gray.

Additionally, the first 100 people to arrive that evening will be given a T-shirt to remember the event. Each attendee will also have dinner via a lottery system; one may have a “high income”/first world meal (three courses served), a “middle income”/second world meal (family style meal), or a “low income”/developing world meal (rice and beans). This is an experiential learning/fun evening with speakers (discussing world food issues), music, and food.

Please consider supporting this worthy cause!


Tickets are only $5. Ways to purchase your ticket:

  • Council will be tabling outside the DeRosa University Center on November 11, 14 and 15th from 11-1pm
  • Guests may also buy tickets at the Alumni House on the night of the event
    • (make checks payable to Second Harvest Food Bank)

Please feel free to contact me 209.946.2635 or Martin Pham 209.753.9706 if you have any questions regarding the event or wish to purchase tickets.

Thanks for your support,

Laurie Lichter-Heath, J.D., LL.M.
Eberhardt School of Business

Impact – Global Venture Summit


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Are you interested in learning about the next wave of entrepreneurship that is going to change the world? Would you like to network with fast-growing startup companies to find out about job and internship opportunities? Do you want to be part of the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem? Join 50 startup companies, angel and venture capital investors, and local stakeholders for the IMPACT Global Venture Summit on Monday, November 14th from 2pm to 7:30pm at the brand new Golden 1 Center, home of the Sacramento Kings.

Admission for Pacific students is free!

The event will include three modules:

  1. Ignite (2pm): a trade show that will include about 50 Northern California startups and fast growing companies.
  2. Accelerate (4pm): rapid fire entrepreneurial pitches from 20  of the best Northern California startups
  3. Capitalize (6pm): panel discussions with leading Northern California entrepreneurs and startups.

For more information:
To register for free (as a student):

Hope to see you there!

R. Daniel Wadhwani, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Management and Fletcher Jones Chair in Entrepreneurship

Adam Band finds right academic and creative mix at Pacific

Contributed by Adam Band

As I began searching for a college that would be a perfect fit for me, I knew that it was essential that I found a school where I would be able to thrive both academically and musically. I found exactly that when I stumbled upon the arts and entertainment concentration offered by the Eberhardt School of Business.

Adam Band

Adam Band ’20, a freshman business administration major, is a Powell Scholar.

I was lucky enough to participate in both the California Allstate Jazz Band and the Next Generation Jazz Orchestra through the Monterey Jazz Festival. In both situations, there was one major difference between myself and most of the other members in the band. I didn’t want to focus solely on music performance in college. I wanted to concentrate on the management or business side of the music world, which made it a little bit more difficult to find a university that offered exactly what I wanted.

I first found out about Pacific from my middle school math teacher whose daughter had just started at Pacific in the Powell Scholar Program. She convinced my parents and me that Pacific might be the perfect fit. I was really intrigued by the fact that Pacific had an accredited business school as well as a Conservatory of Music. I first visited Pacific my junior year in high school and was extremely lucky to have a tour guide who was a jazz saxophonist, someone who I could easily relate to. He told me that Pacific offered an arts and entertainment management concentration in the business school and it sounded like exactly what I wanted. Most schools that have any program related to music business offer a degree through a conservatory, not a business school, setting Pacific apart from many other schools I was considering.


I found out that my tour guide was a Powell Scholar, and after talking to him about the amazing opportunities the program had provided for him, I knew I wanted to be a part of the program. After going through the process of applying and being interviewed, I found out that I was accepted and couldn’t wait to be a part of a program that is one of a kind. The magnificent thing about the Powell Scholars Program is the fact that it captures the diversity of Pacific. The program is full of leaders with extremely diverse backgrounds who possess a wide array of opinions. This diversity creates endless possibilities for what can be accomplished when the minds of these diverse leaders come together.

As the time came for me to make my final decision of which university I would be attending, I found that Pacific had literally everything that I wanted in a university. I needed a university that offered opportunities for me to excel both academically and musically.

The arts and entertainment concentration through the Eberhardt School of Business was exactly what I needed. When combined with the opportunities I would be given through the Powell Scholars Program, there was no other university that I could find that had a more fitting program for me. I knew that Pacific was going to be my new home.

More on Adam Band in the Pacific Newsroom

ESB Homecoming Event


Eberhardt School Students,

Please join Dean Lewis Gale for the Eberhardt School of Business’ Homecoming Women in Business Event – Tiger Alumnae: Leading the Pack in Business.

The event will be held on Saturday, October 15, 2016, in DUC 211, at 2:00 p.m.

The panel of Pacific alumnae will discuss leadership trends in the workplace today and tomorrow. Our moderator will be Eberhardt School Executive Advisory Board member Laura Pinkerton and our panelists will include:

  • Mary Elizabeth Eberhardt (COP ’76) – Board Member and Vice President of Community Banking
  • Linda Gleason (ESB ’81) – Executive Director of Fresno Cradle to Career Partnership
  • Leticia Robles (ESB ’89) – Founder and President of Pacific Homecare Services

This event is free and will include refreshments and afternoon snacks.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Lewis R. Gale, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor of Business

Internship Spotlight – Ryan Dong


Ryan Dong

Ryan Dong, BSBA (May 2016), Concentrations: Entrepreneurship/Management & Human Resources

A week in the life of a Northgate Commercial Real Estate internship…
Throughout the internship, I worked on an ongoing project using industry websites to obtain critical real estate data that the office used on a daily basis. I entered the information into an internal database called Real Estate Assistant (REA). I also supported other aspects of the daily operations of the office such as drafting Letters of Intent, creating marketing brochures, and reviewing other legal documents related to commercial real estate transactions. Though my work was fairly independent, I did report to the President and Vice President on a regular basis. During the internship, I spent a few weeks working closely with the property management team to gain some experience in that area of real estate. This gave me an opportunity to observe real estate from a management perspective in contrast to the brokerage side where I spent more of my time initially.

Highlights of the internship experience…
The opportunity to work closely with the firm’s senior leadership really accelerated my understanding of the industry in such a short period of time. I discovered what it’s like to have a “real job”. I quickly realized that the professional world is not so far away and this experience helped me grow primarily because I was contributing to a real business in a professional work setting.

Northgate 2What differentiates Northgate Commercial Real Estate as an employer…
The Northgate Commercial team is a team of younger, ambitious professionals. This makes for a very light-hearted work environment. All of the employees get along well with each other and often joke with each other. The open layout of the office makes it very easy communicate to coworkers. From the President to the Interns, everyone works together in this open space. Even though it is a fun light-hearted work environment, everyone is very driven and focused when it is time to get work done.

Northgate Commercial is very family oriented and expanding rapidly.  In just four years they have grown from 4 to over 20 employees.

What’s next for Ryan…
During 2015, I took the necessary courses to be qualified to take the California Real Estate Exam. My goals is to pass the exam in early 2016 to become a licensed agent. Northgate Commercial has offered me a full-time position as an agent after graduation.

Scholarship Awards Now Available



scholarship logo


The ESB is delighted to announce many scholarship awards now available for Fall of 2016.   All applications are due by 4 p.m. Friday, April 8, 2016. Scholarship decisions will be announced on April 22, 2016. Scholarships that are listed as “Open to all ESB students” will be awarded at the discretion of the ESB Scholarship Committee and may be based on any combination of merit and/or financial need.  Please return your completed applications to Debbi Bell in Weber 206.  If it is more convenient, applications may also be emailed to

Fletcher Jones Scholarship 

  • Open to ESB undergraduates, MBA, and MAcc students
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Amount: 15 percent of tuition
  • Graduate Scholarship Amount: 20 percent of tuition

Scholarship recipients must:

  • Be a full-time graduate or undergraduate business major.
  • Have a minimum 3.5 GPA.*
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurship and leadership abilities.
  • Demonstrate involvement in the university and the community.
  • Agree to complete an experiential learning project for a local business or non-profit organization for a period of two semesters, or to complete a summer internship.
  • Provide three letters of recommendation by April 8, 2016.
  • Complete the Fletcher Jones Scholarship application by April 8, 2016.


  • Awards will be announced on April 22.
  • Awards will apply to Fall 2016 tuition.
  • Award is for one semester only, but recipients may reapply in future semesters.

Preference will be given to students from the greater San Joaquin County area who will remain in the area following graduation.

*The GPA criteria may be waived by the scholarship committee for select applicants based on academic potential and background.

Additional ESB Scholarships:

Charles and Carolyn Bloom Scholarship: $1,000
Criteria – Open all ESB students

Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Chang & Family Endowment: $1,500
Criteria – Open all ESB students

Warner Melvin Holden Scholarship: $1,000
Criteria – Undergraduate Accounting student, sophomore or higher, completed  BUSI 31 and BUSI 33, overall GPA 3.0 or higher.

McNamara Scholarship: $1,500
Criteria – Open all ESB students

Donald J. and Doenda H. Smith Endowment: $5,000
Criteria – Open all ESB students


If you have any questions, please contact Debbi Bell 209.946.2629.

Internship Spotlight – Shayda Ansari

Shayda Ansari

Shayda Ansari, BSBA Management and Human Resources | May 2016

A week in the life of a Ross Stores internship…

As a Management Intern during the summer, I spent 40 hours per week at the Ross department store in North Stockton. My daily tasks depended on the needs of the store, and could include anything from employee training and scheduling to day-to-day store manager duties. The internship consisted of a cumulative internship project that was assigned mid-way through the internship.

The nature of my work was predominately team oriented. Throughout my internship I worked with people who held the roles of an associate, area supervisor, assistant store manager, store manager, district manager, and the regional manager.

Throughout the internship, I traveled to other stores in the region and had the chance to tour the corporate campus for a day. There were multiple occasions when I met with fellow interns to work on the internship project. It was interesting to hear how their experiences differed at their stores and to hear about their overall internship experience.

Highlights of the internship experience…

As a student athlete, this was my first “real” job/internship. One of the best aspects of the internship was being able to apply all that I have been learning in school and through other life experiences to the job. I had the opportunity to work with and learn from a wide variety of people, as well as share my knowledge. I was also able to travel to the Central Valley and Bay Area to visit other Ross stores. I was very happy with my internship experience from start to finish.

The chance to work with and lead a wide variety of people was so valuable, especially since I want to pursue a career in Human Resources. It allowed me to implement my passion for leadership in another new setting.

Ross 2What differentiates Ross Stores as an employer…

Ross is currently the largest off-price apparel and home fashion chain in the United States. I think many consumers “write off” Ross because they target a very specific market segment. However, as a company, they are very organized and driven to continue to grow and expand not only on the west coast but across the rest of the U.S. in the coming years.

The company culture is very disciplined. At Ross, there is a process to everything. This allows for all employees, across all positions, to be on the same page. It creates better cohesion with associates on daily tasks. The culture at Ross is also one that promotes growth, on an individual basis and as a company. When associates start out, managers look to help them climb the ranks and advance to their fullest potential. As an intern, it was very reassuring to see so many growth opportunities available at both a store level and at the corporate level.

What’s next for Shayda…

This internship gave me experience that can directly apply to the field of management and human resources. I got to work with a big company and see how stores operate on a daily basis from the moment inventory is delivered to when items are purchased. I was fortunate to receive a job offer upon completion of my internship, however since this was my first professional experience I felt that I need to explore a wide range of career option before committing to a path.


Article compiled and edited by Kristen Wong, ESB ’16, CMC Marketing Intern


#AACSBleads Student Leader Spotlight

The AACSB, who accredits the Eberhardt School of Business, is running a Student Leader Spotlight contest!

Our school is full of smart, ambitious, social-media-savvy students – whether they’re on the cutting edge of the next tech start-up, or seeking creative ways to leverage natural resources, our students are on the cusp of greatness –- AASCB wants to hear about it!

Your AACSB-accredited institution is preparing you for the world. What kind of leader will you be? How will you make your mark?”

All you have to do is TWEET your answer to the question “What kind of leader will you be?” Be sure to include the hashtag #AACSBleads to be entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card! #EberhardtSchool #AACSBleads


100 winners will be chosen based on their big ideas, enthusiasm for innovation, and the impact they hope to have on the world around them. Complete contest rules can be found here.

#EberhardtWinterBreak Photo Contest


Share photos of your winter break fun!

The Eberhardt School of Business is excited to announce its #EberhardtWinterBreak photo contest.

From December 22 through January 19, photos that are posted on Instagram and Facebook and are tagged #EberhardtWinterBreak will be entered into our contest. The winner will receive an Eberhardt School prize pack! Only currently enrolled Eberhardt School of Business students are eligible to win.

Be sure to follow #EberhardtWinterBreak on Instagram and Facebook to see how your fellow students are keeping busy during the break!

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