Cultural Experience 2012

By Geoffrey Lim | Summer 2012

What I found to be the most interesting during this China trip was when we went to visit Shanghai Normal University Tian Hua College during the Dragon Boat Festival Weekend. It was a great experience to be able to have a formal meeting with the local Chinese students unlike at Shanghai Finance University. The program that Tian Hua set up for us was very well organized and I felt very welcomed by all of the students there. It would have been great if Shanghai Finance University had some sort of orientation where we could meet the students there and get to know them better instead of just an informal meeting during lunch.

All the students at Tian Hua were friendly and wanted to teach us about Chinese culture. Also we were able to repay the favor to them by sharing out experiences with them from UOP and America. They were able to practice their English while we attempted to practice our Chinese with them. I had a great time just talking to my partner and getting to know her and getting to know the school. The events that Tian Hua had prepared for us were also a great learning experience for all of us visiting that day. We were able to learn how to make rice dumplings and the reason for why they are made for the dragon boat festival. The riddles that they prepared for us were interesting and fun, also it was a real treat for us to hear one of the Tian Hua students play the Guzheng. The students and staff there also taught us how to make regular dumplings and that was also a real treat for all of us to learn how to do. The food they prepared for us was delicious as well.

Overall I really enjoyed myself when we visit the Tian Hua College. I feel that if this orientation and welcoming was done during our first week in Shanghai we would have more opportunities to hang out with the local college students. Overall I really enjoyed my trip to Tian Hua and I look forward to see the students who are coming to UOP this coming fall. Hopefully next year’s trip, if there is one, would be able to stay at Tian Hua College so they can get to know the local students better and also build and even stronger bond between Tian Hua College and UOP.

For more information on the Summer Program in China (BUSI 193) visit:


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