Favorite Cultural Experience in China

By Logan Simpson | Summer 2012

Out of the many small trips and adventures that we went on this summer in China I have two excursions that stick out in my mind as the most fun, one of which was in Beijing and the other near Shanghai. My favorite trip while we were in Beijing was visiting the Great Wall, and my favorite trip while in Shanghai was visiting the Water Village.

Going to the Great Wall was one of the first trips that we went on and I think that most people were still very tired from the trip, but once we got to the bottom of the Great Wall and saw how amazing it was no one seemed to be tired anymore. We got out of the bus and walked up a long road with souvenir shops and food stands. At first it was a lot to take in as the vendors would follow you down the street trying to buy you something. I didn’t realize how long it was actually going to take to climb up to the wall, but after about 30-40 minutes we were there, and it was the most amazing view I have seen in my life. For as far as we could see the mountains stretched out in one direction, and the valley where Beijing is located in the other. We were able to walk a good amount of distance along the wall, and would have walked further if we would have had time. Once of the most fun things about this trip was that after all the hard work of walking up to the wall, we did not have to walk down. We were able to take a giant slide all the way down!

My favorite cultural trip while in Shanghai was the trip to the water village. At first I was skeptical of what the water village was actually going to be like and was not particularly looking forward to the trip. But once we walked off the bus over to the area where the village begins I immediately changed my mind. There were groups of people in boats going down small streams that ran along the small paths of the village while the people steering them sang old Chinese songs. We were able to visit an old family home and see what it used to be like living there. We were able to walk along the small paths and souvenir shop for a few hours afterwards. I really enjoyed this place because I was able to do some great souvenir shopping, and even though the water village is famous its prices were not outrageous like other tourist areas, and all of the shop keepers were very nice.

For more information on the Summer Program in China (BUSI 193) visit: http://www.pacific.edu/Academics/Schools-and-Colleges/Eberhardt-School-of-Business/Academics/Undergraduate-Programs/Summer-Program-in-China.html


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