Adam Band finds right academic and creative mix at Pacific

Contributed by Adam Band

As I began searching for a college that would be a perfect fit for me, I knew that it was essential that I found a school where I would be able to thrive both academically and musically. I found exactly that when I stumbled upon the arts and entertainment concentration offered by the Eberhardt School of Business.

Adam Band
Adam Band ’20, a freshman business administration major, is a Powell Scholar.

I was lucky enough to participate in both the California Allstate Jazz Band and the Next Generation Jazz Orchestra through the Monterey Jazz Festival. In both situations, there was one major difference between myself and most of the other members in the band. I didn’t want to focus solely on music performance in college. I wanted to concentrate on the management or business side of the music world, which made it a little bit more difficult to find a university that offered exactly what I wanted.

I first found out about Pacific from my middle school math teacher whose daughter had just started at Pacific in the Powell Scholar Program. She convinced my parents and me that Pacific might be the perfect fit. I was really intrigued by the fact that Pacific had an accredited business school as well as a Conservatory of Music. I first visited Pacific my junior year in high school and was extremely lucky to have a tour guide who was a jazz saxophonist, someone who I could easily relate to. He told me that Pacific offered an arts and entertainment management concentration in the business school and it sounded like exactly what I wanted. Most schools that have any program related to music business offer a degree through a conservatory, not a business school, setting Pacific apart from many other schools I was considering.


I found out that my tour guide was a Powell Scholar, and after talking to him about the amazing opportunities the program had provided for him, I knew I wanted to be a part of the program. After going through the process of applying and being interviewed, I found out that I was accepted and couldn’t wait to be a part of a program that is one of a kind. The magnificent thing about the Powell Scholars Program is the fact that it captures the diversity of Pacific. The program is full of leaders with extremely diverse backgrounds who possess a wide array of opinions. This diversity creates endless possibilities for what can be accomplished when the minds of these diverse leaders come together.

As the time came for me to make my final decision of which university I would be attending, I found that Pacific had literally everything that I wanted in a university. I needed a university that offered opportunities for me to excel both academically and musically.

The arts and entertainment concentration through the Eberhardt School of Business was exactly what I needed. When combined with the opportunities I would be given through the Powell Scholars Program, there was no other university that I could find that had a more fitting program for me. I knew that Pacific was going to be my new home.

More on Adam Band in the Pacific Newsroom


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