Alumni Profiles – Five Star Bank



Heather Pugh – Class of 2013
B.A., International Affairs & Commerce

Why Five Star Bank?
When I was applying for my first job after graduation, I did not know exactly what I wanted to do. Five Star Bank’s rotational training program intrigued me in that it allowed me to explore many different facets of the bank in order to discover which department would fit me best.

In less than four years, I have had the opportunity to move around various departments and have enjoyed tremendous growth at Five Star Bank. After completing the operations portion of the training program, I worked as a credit analyst in our loan department, providing support to my fellow staff members. I began developing my skills and knowledge in underwriting by helping my colleagues work on their portfolios before I was promoted to Loan Officer where I began growing my own portfolio of business loans. Each step of the way I gained more responsibilities and knowledge; I now have an opportunity to train other Management Trainees as they make their way through the program as well.

I currently work as a Credit Administrator, a project-based role. I enjoy my position because each day is different from the last and I must constantly prioritize new tasks as they arise. I thrive in the fast pace environment of the company because it keeps me energized and focused.

I enjoy working in a community business bank because our customers are local; everywhere I go I see their names and I am reminded of our impact in the community.  Being able to see the tangible evolution of projects that have been made possible because of the Bank’s support has been extremely rewarding. This is especially true when I have had a direct role in a project.  I have been able to head up a couple of big deals where I have enjoyed being a leader and having ownership for the risk involved when millions of dollars have been on the line.

Advice for new graduates
In college I always was told to “find your passion”, but not everyone knows what their passion is. I would encourage students to find the environment that makes them feel most successful. Ask the right questions to find the culture and company that you will thrive in.


Alison Telles, Class of 2016
B.S., Applied Math, Business Minor

Why Five Star Bank?
I discovered Five Star Bank’s management training program through Tiger Jobs. The rotational structure is allowing me to explore and learn different functions before making a firm commitment to a certain department of the bank.

I really enjoy that Five Star Bank is a community bank supporting the needs of local small businesses. I am able to develop strong relationships with customers and understand how their business operates. This allows me to better service client needs and see directly my impact on the client.

Working at Five Star Bank has reinforced the value of relationships. I am able contribute to clients’ success by getting to know the key stakeholders, their business and their goals.

Advice for new graduates
New college graduates should be very intentional in their choice of a first job and company. Plan to make a minimum two-year commitment. Don’t waste your own and the company’s time by not being sure it’s a good fit. Choose a career and company that you will be excited about every day.

Learn more about Five Star Bank’s Management Trainee Program.



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