Music and Business at Pandora Headquarters

On a cold, crisp Friday in February, a group of a dozen business and music management students, accompanied by music management professor, Keith Hatschek, and Margaret Roberts of the Eberhardt School’s Career Management Center set off for a backstage tour of Pandora’s corporate headquarters in Oakland, California.

The group was hosted by Senior University Recruiting Manager, Anita Stokes, and treated to an engaging and educational talk with Content Licensing Partner Manager, Jamie Sampson. Jamie explained the work he and the content licensing team have been engaged in to prepare for Pandora’s soon-to-be-launched premium services, which will feature on-demand streaming to compete with other providers such as Spotify and Apple Music.  The students learned about the complexities of negotiating directly with music labels to obtain the license agreements they need to deliver this new platform.  Following this talk, Stokes introduced Pandora’s summer “Road Crew” internship program, which is the current focus of her team’s recruiting efforts. Open to rising seniors and recent graduates, they expect to hire 20+ non-technical interns this coming summer.

To wrap up the visit, Stokes gave the group a tour of several departments and floors to illustrate the very open atmosphere, great art, musically-inspired décor and tech vibe of the environment. While Pandora does provide open spaces beyond the cubicle workstations, and complimentary snacks and beverages, the group learned that the company opted not to provide catering services in house. Instead, they encourage their employees to become engaged with the local community and frequent restaurants and diners around their location to support Oakland businesses. The students followed their lead after the visit and dined at the GastroPig across the street on Stokes’ recommendation. Overall, it was a fun day of learning and networking for everyone.


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